No Service Call Charge:

  • When your fleet is signed up on a maintenance program, there is no charge for service calls during regular business hours.

Discounted Labor Rate:

  • Labor rate to fit your budget. 20% – 30% off from most OEM providers.

Discounted P.M. Rates:

  • PM rates are flat rate, what is quoted is what you will be charged. No hidden fees like, fuel surcharge, misc, and environmental.

250hr P.M.s:

  • P.M.‘s completed every 250hrs not by monthly frequencies. Example: If a PM is done bi monthly but only was used 150 hrs, this unit could be P.M. once every three to four months.

Repair Times:

  • Realistic repair times guaranteed. With experience and know how your truck will be repaired in a timely manner which will lower the overall cost of equipment.

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